The process

Embossing is the art and process of raising or indenting a design in relief on a sheet of paper. It is achieved by placing the paper between an etched die and its sunken counterpart and applying the appropriate high pressure to compress it, thus imparting the raised and/or depressed design to the paper. The process requires experience and minute attention to detail to achieve superior quality. In particular, the choice of paper is critical, both in quality and weight, to obtain the desired effect.

For simple embossing, made by a single depression, the etching is done by hollowing out metal from the die (copper, brass, steel or magnesium) by mechanical or chemical means. This provides distinctive simplicity. For more elaborate embossing, which requires both raised and depressed designs to provide outstanding full 3D effect, the required delicate etching can only be done by hand.

Embossing yields a unique, personalized, distinctive and lasting effect that is both beautiful and immediately noticeable.

Your input

To help us fully understand your needs we will use all the documents you provide us: detailed spec sheets and layouts, copy, photographs, negatives, graphics, models, etc. In order to avoid any possibility of misunderstanding, please use “level coding” on your documents (as shown in the chart below) to specify your requirements.


Exemple 1 :
Only 1 level higher edge

Exemple 2 :
1 level lower rounded
+ 1 level higher edge

Exemple 3 :
1 level higher edge
+ 1 below edge

Exemple 4 :
1 level higher edge
+ Net 2nd level

Exemple 5 :
1 level higher edge
+ A 2nd level to edge


What you should know

We encourage you to look at several of our samples as this might help you in defining your projects.

  • Note that the reverse side of any embossed area cannot be printed.
  • Note that embossing is not recommended on strongly colored backgrounds as they absorb light and diminish shadows thus defeating the intended effects of embossing.
  • Should you have other parties involved in your printing project we strongly suggest that all parties have a production meeting at the onset of the project to ensure that all technical requirements and areas of responsibilities are clearly defined.
  • Our detailed quotes take into account the following: time, complexity of the job (engraving or embossing), equipment setup, size and pattern of the project, etc.

Contact us

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