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Stamping, like copper-plate engraving, uses metal (copper or steel) blocks engraved in grooves. The paper is forced through a “counterpart” in the groove of the engraving to be printed with...Read more

The term “copper-plate engraving” is used for engraving on metal; burin, etching, by removing metal. Requiring special expertise from the craft tradition, copper engraving is the privilege...Read more

This generic printing term, or hot marking, refers to transferring pigments of colour films onto the item to be printed using glue. Light or dark colours, golden or silver, matt or shiny, metallic...Read more

Our offset shop allows us to provide, in house, unique print runs combining industrial printing with state of the art engraving processes and we are just as committed to perfection...Read more

An ancient communication technique using forging or stamping, embossing uses the light and shadow created by a raised or grooved design. Working the paper greatly strengthens visual...Read more

This printing process, thermography, creates a raised effect without engraving. A layer of clear, normally shiny resin powder is melted in the oven onto the fresh ink at the end of offset....Read more