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A truly unique business card

An exclusive, patented process and design by ateliers Asdourian & Gustave Gernez

The wizcard® specs

  • Cards are bound in a very original, elegant flip-book with a sturdy cover
  • Cards are removed by flipping them open like the pages of a book (see animation)
  • Every card is impeccably clean and has perfect edges
  • Standard card format – France: 95 x 55 mm; U.S.: 3.5 x 2 inches
  • Bristol 250 gr
  • Can be enhanced with engraving or embossing
  • Any color, with or without logos
  • Easy to carry for meetings and trips
  • Economical: smeared or dog-eared cards are a thing of the past
  • No complicated process: disposable packaging
  • Available in quantities of 250 (ten books of 25 cards) packaged in 2 cartons.


WizCard® : Think of it for your business and your corporate gift program