The process

Engraving is the art and process of producing letters or designs on wood, metal or other substances by cutting or etching for the purpose of printing by an intaglio process on paper. Ink is applied to paper by means of a steel or copper stamp before the paper is compressed between a steel or copper plate and its counterpart. This process results in an embossing of the paper that leaves a subtle depression on the reverse side, the unmistakable sign of authentic engraving.

Engraving is a very popular printing process among image-conscious firms. In addition to providing unique and dramatic visual and tactile enhancement to printed matter, it also provides a measure of security since the embossing of the paper makes it very difficult to duplicate and is impossible to reproduce by way of laser copiers or printers.

Engraving enhances the readability of logos, corporate names and marks and lends a unique visual and tactile sense to any document. Letterhead, business cards, invitations, place cards, folders, cover pages and envelopes can be created using any Pantone® color with a unique color density that makes each copy feel and look like an original.

Thanks to the special inks used in engraving, the documents produced are suitable for use in printers and duplication equipment. You may chose among a selection of inks with a shiny or flat finish depending on your project.

technique de timbrage

Your input

To provide you with a quote we need the following details: exact copy to determine the printed area (limited to the size of the engraving), type and weight of paper, font, and colors (one press pass per color). At the time of processing your order, you must be ready to provide us with accurate and final documents: film, graphics, files, etc.


What you should know

  • The maximum engraving area is 120 x 220 mm or approximately 43/4 x 81/2 inches. Thus, if your letterhead requires engraving at the top and the bottom of the page, two dies and two print runs are required.
  • Each color requires its own die and print run.`
  • The reverse side of engraved areas cannot be printed.
  • All types of paper and transfer medium can be engraved.
  • Light engraving inks do cover dark backgrounds.
  • Should you have other parties involved in your printing project we strongly suggest that all parties have a production meeting at the onset of the project to ensure that all technical requirements and areas of responsibilities are clearly defined.

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