Les ateliers Asdourian & Gustave Gernez :

Our printing and engraving workshops were established in 1929. Each member of our 32-strong team is a specialist in their various fields. We work in relationship marketing. Our products are aimed at businesses seeking to combine prestigious engraved stationery with their top of the range marketing communication methods: business cards and compliment slips, letterheads, invitations, company and product launch brochures, press packs, report covers, folders, etc.

It is a privilege to work with respected clients which value their brand image and have high expectations as regards the quality of their paper communication: senior civil service, embassies, consultancies, legal practices, banks, luxury goods companies (jewellery, haute couture, leather goods, wines and spirits), luxury hotels, clubs and design and communication agencies.

Our expert knowledge of traditional techniques (copper-plate engraving, stamping, embossing, hot gilding, drop forging) combined with up-to-date DTP and a steadfast service enables us to provide our clients with unique know-how, a precious part of France’ heritage.

Thierry DENIS