He process

Blocking or “heat foil gilding” is the process of applying a thin film of colored pigments to paper by heated glue (80º to 160ºC or 176º to 320ºF). The selected pigments can be gold, silver, flat or glossy, light diffracting, pearly, transparent or colored, (including white).

In most cases blocking is done in relief either mechanically or chemically (magnesium, brass or copper). Some special jobs require a hand process. We will guide you in your selection. You may select standard flat or embossed printing. For embossed printing the following applies:

  • We can produce blocking tools to obtain printing and embossing in a single pass, or
  • We produce two tools, one for printing and the other for embossing. This permits a more pronounced embossing.


Your input

To help us fully understand your needs we will use all the documents you provide us: detailed spec sheets and layouts, copy, photographs, negatives, graphics, models, etc.

Bright gold Argent Argent Color
r brillant Argent Argent Couleur
Hot plate printing
1 pass
Gilding and engraving
1 pass
Gilding and embossing
2 passes
Gilding + engraving
3 passes

What you should know

  • Providing us with your film, complete with required registration marks, will assist in our preparation of the job.
  • Hot foil gilding provides 100% coverage, including clear upon dark background.
  • Proofs may be necessary for particular papers or when the print job requires extremely fine lines.
  • Depending on the requirements for the type and quality of jobs, we use either rolling presses (tangential printing) or vertical presses.
  • The list of films available is comprehensive, nonetheless it does not cover the entire Pantone® range.
  • Should you have other parties involved in your printing project we strongly suggest that all parties have a production meeting at the onset of the project to ensure that all technical requirements and areas of responsibilities are clearly defined.

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